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Which Minecraft Server Hosting Should You Use?


Best Minecraft Server Hosting – Apex


Apex is the definition of a great host. It offers high performance servers, great prices, and amazing support. In fact, it stands out as one of the only Minecraft server hosting provider to offer live chat support. This is a great plus. When I used it to get some pre-sale questions answered, the representative answered all my questions very quickly and helped me get started with the ordering process. When ordering Apex for your hosting needs, you can select from a wide range of server versions and other add-ons. I have posted the link below where you can get a discount of 25% off any of their hosting packages. That means you can get the top of the line gaming server that can handle up to 120+ players for only $37 a month! We recommend Apex to anyone looking for a cheap Minecraft hosting with the best Minecraft servers.


Why Not The Others?

Other server hosting options pale in comparison to Apex.

minecraftserverhost.net – Minecraft Server Host fell short for several reasons. First – our favorite pet peeve – it only offers support via ticket system. It is also much pricier than Apex, and only offers limited package options. While some users on the Minecraft forum love this provider because it does offer good uptime and server performance, I am confident that Apex is a better option.


Astralgameservers.com – Astral Game Servers has been around for a while and there has been a lot of buzz about them on the Minecraft forum. They offer great customer support and even provide a number so you can reach them by phone. What’s more, they have a wide variety of plans to choose from that is sure to fit any gamer’s needs. The one thing lacking is a competitive price. For this reason, I would pick Apex over Astral. I am definitely not saying Astral that is a bad host, because there have been great reviews about them on the forums. But overall, Apex is still my first choice!



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