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iPage vs Bluehost

Overall iPage Is The Winner

iPage is the overall winner in this showdown between iPage and Bluehost. Both hosting companies provide a great array of features, but iPage adds $500 worth of extras, including ad credits for sites like Facebook and Google Adwords. That’s like money in the bank. Both companies offer great technical support via live chat, phone and ticket system. However, iPage is about half the price of Bluehost. When I tested both providers with my page load test, iPage servers loaded websites faster than Bluehost. It’s obvious – iPage is the clear winner in all categories, and it is the company I would recommend first.


Price: iPage Costs Less

iPage wins the price comparison hands down. When I placed my order, I received hosting for 1.99 a month. A great coupon link I found helped me get that deal. However, even with its own coupon the Bluehost price is still more than double that of iPage.

Features: iPage Tops Bluehost

Both iPage and Bluehost have a ton of appealing features for both the non-technical and the technical person. They both offer unlimited hosting as well. However, the big difference is that iPage offers over $500 in extras. These extras are mostly coupons and ad credits which can be used to advertise your website.  Another extra from iPage is an anytime money back guarantee while Bluehost only offers a 30 day money back guarantee.


Support: It’s a TIE

Both companies offer great support with multiple ways to reach them. Live chat for both companies had an average wait time of 30 seconds or less. I was happy to find no issues in this area for either company.


Server Test: iPage

Based on the test reviews I did on both hosting companies,  iPage has the faster servers. I set up hosting accounts with both hosting companies, and uploaded the same dummy template site on both. I then did a page load test for each hosting company. You can see the results for yourself below.


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