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DreamHost Vs Bluehost

Overall Winner Depends :\

The winner is not as clear with this showdown as with some others. If you can find a good coupon, DreamHost definitely delivers the best bang for your buck. It offers a ton of features, some of the best server speeds I have ever seen, and great uptime. And if phone support is not something you need, then DreamHost is definitely your winner. On the other hand, if you don’t have a coupon… I would suggest going with Bluehost, simply because of the price difference.


Price: Bluehost Regular Pricing is Lower


Bluehost offers web hosting for $4.95 per month while DreamHost is $8.95 monthly. Yes, that is big price difference but you have to consider the fact that you get what you pay for. You will learn more about the differences in the two providers in the performance section of this showdown. Luckily, DreamHost usually has some great coupons out there that allow you to get a nice price break on its services. I have even seen 70% off DreamHost coupons, which in the end would make DreamHost even cheaper than Bluehost. But if there are no good coupons to be found, Bluehost is the winner in the price comparison.


Features: It’s a TIE


Both Bluehost and DreamHost offer a great array of features. Both offer one click install scripts for options like WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, etc.  I do find the Bluehost control panel to be more user friendly than DreamHost. Yet, the DreamHost control panel offers increased customization for more technically-inclined users.


Support: Bluehost Delivers


The reason I am giving this part of the showdown to Bluehost is because it actually offers phone support from its website. When you go to DreamHost, you are not even offered live chat until you order the service. So in order to get your pre-sale questions answered, you have to email the company. HELLO, THIS IS 2014! Even though, the company offers limited access to its support, the service provided when you can access it is still superior. But accessibility definitely matters!


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