Hi! I'm Noah Black and I am a web designer currently living in Denver, Colorado!

Customize Google is my personal website where I pass on tips, advice, reviews, and past experiences I have gained over the 8 years of web design.

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About Me

My name is Noah Black and I’m a freelance web & UI designer based in Denver, CO. My job is to create beautiful websites out of nothing, or to transform a low-performing website into a real knockout!

My interests, however, extend beyond just web design and the Internet. Great design is all about balance, I’ve come to find, and so is living a great life. In my free time I like to get away from the pixels of my monitor and see the world in full color as it really is. Check out this incredible view I photographed on a trip to Mt. Toll.

Mt. Toll Colorado

I am inspired by nature every time I go outside and wish I could integrate even a fraction of nature’s beauty into my web design work

In addition to hiking and taking photographs outdoors, I love cooking and listening to live music. I love jazz and playing with my dog Juno (Isn’t she adorable?)


I hope you find my blog helpful. Periodically I will post my findings and opinions on web hosting (and other topics) as well as post some tutorials and other videos.

Special Note:

I also helped develop (did the web design for) BroadbandSearch.net. It is a site that is useful for finding Internet and TV providers in your area. Users can search by zip code or city name to find the best broadband internet service deals.

One other useful link: I have always loved Speedtest.net to determine my current internet connection speed.